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Site Map: The Cumberland News

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  Award Winning Cumbrian Views

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  Community Events & Features

  ____911 Carlisle Gig

  ____Northern Lights

  Cumberland News / News & Star

  ____School Proms


  ________The Wigton Motor Club's Classic Car Show

  ________CN200 Festival of Sport

  ________Newlaithes Infant School 50th Anniversary

  ________Wigton Carnival


  ________Armed Forces Day


  ________CUMBRIAN RUN 2016

  ________Tour of Britain 2016

  ________Hesket New Market Show

  ________RACE FOR LIFE 2016

  ________Carlisle Glass Youth League 2016

  ________May Day Weekend 2016

  ________All Schools 5-a-side 2016

  ________Colour Run


  ________Race For Life

  ________CN200 Commemorative Picture Gallery


  ________Tour of Britain 2015

  ________General Sport



  ________Horse Racing



  ________Carlisle United



  ____Royal Visits

  ________Princess Anne 2015

  ________Princess Alexandra 2015

  ________Prince Charles 2014 Visit


  ________News 2018

  ________News 2017

  ________News 2016

  ________News 2015


  ________Uni of Cumbria Graduation


  ________Year 6 School Leavers


  ________Secondary Schools - General


  ________Primary Schools - General


  ________________New School Starters 2015


  ________GCSE & A Level results


  ____County Shows

  ________Lowther Show 2015

  ________Dalston Show 2015

  ________Penrith Show 2015

  ________Skelton Show 2015

  ________The Cumberland Show 2015

  ____Award Winning Cumbrian Views



  News & Star

  ____News Star Football Competition

  ____News & Star Football Competition

  ____Events in The Community

  ________Cumbrian Run

  ________Cumbrian Run Nostalgia

  ________Royal visits


  ________News & Star 2011

  ________News & Star Older

  ________News & Star 2010

  ________News & Star 2009



  ________Longhorn Youth Football League cup finals

  ________Sands Centre Football Tournament

  ________Carlisle Glass Football Tournament





  ____________Workington Town

  ________General Sport

  ________Junior Sport





  ____Cleator Cricket At Lords

  Times & Star

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  ____________september 2013

  ________News 2012

  ____________september 2012

  ____________october 2012

  ____________november 2012

  ____________may 2012

  ____________march 2012

  ____________june 2012

  ____________july 2012

  ____________january 2012

  ____________february 2012

  ____________december 2012

  ____________august 2012

  ____________april 2012

  ________News 2010

  ____________july 2010

  ____________january 2010

  ____________june 2010

  ____________february 2010

  ____________march 2010

  ____________may 2010

  ____________december 2010

  ____________november 2010

  ____________october 2010

  ____________august 2010

  ____________september 2010

  ____________april 2010

  ________News 2009

  ________News 2008

  ________News 2007



  ________Scotland Vs Wales Rugby League 2014

  ________Town Rugby League

  ________Reds Football

  ________Comets Speedway

  ________Rugby League World Cup 2013

  ____________scotland v italy

  ____________scotland v tonga

  ________Bassenthwaite Sailing

  ________Derwentwater 10 Road Race 2010

  ________Dean Houndtrail

  ____Events 2016

  ________Uppies & Downies 2016

  ____Events Archive

  ________Events 2008

  ____________school starters 2008

  ____________school leavers 2008

  ____________school proms 2008

  ____________queens visit 2008

  ________Events 2009

  ____________workington to keswick walk 2009

  ____________uppies downies 2009

  ____________school starters 2009

  ____________solfest 2009

  ____________school proms 2009

  ____________school leavers 2009

  ____________remembrance day 2009

  ____________maryport trawler race 2009

  ____________mass sing workington

  ____________midnight walk whitehaven 2009

  ____________lakes rock 2009

  ____________keswick jazz festival 2009

  ____________keswick show 2009

  ____________glassonbury 2009

  ____________distington steam rally 2009

  ____________floods november 2009

  ____________comic relief 2009

  ____________devil's kitchen 2009

  ____________cockermouth show 2009

  ____________cockrock 2009

  ____________christmas 2009

  ____________carnivals 2009

  ____________bassenthwaite sailing week 2009

  ____________blues festival 2009

  ________Events 2010

  ____________urban classical 2010

  ____________west cumbria run 2010

  ____________uppies and downies easter 2010

  ____________taste cumbria 2010

  ____________threlkeld sheep dog trials 2010

  ____________school starters 2010

  ____________school proms 2010

  ________________stainburn school prom 2010

  ________________southfield school prom 2010

  ________________st joseph's school prom 2010

  ________________beacon hill school celebration night 2010

  ________________cockermouth school prom 2010

  ________________netherhall school prom 2010

  ____________rock challenge 2010

  ____________school leavers 2010

  ____________robin rigg windfarm

  ____________prince charles cockermouth visit 2010

  ____________princess anne visit

  ____________remembrance sunday 2010

  ____________northern classic trial 2010

  ____________maryport trawler race 2010

  ____________midnight walk workington 2010

  ____________lakes college hairdressing awards 2010

  ____________loweswater show 2010

  ____________malcolm wilson rally 2010

  ____________keswick school prizegiving 2010

  ____________keswickbuttermere round 2010

  ____________lakes alive cockermouth

  ____________golden apple awards 2010

  ____________keswick jazz festival 2010

  ____________keswick lantern vigil

  ____________flood rescue and recovery awards

  ____________general election 2010

  ____________easter egg run 2010

  ____________fell gather cockermouth 2010

  ____________festivals 2010

  ________________valentine rock 2010



  ________________lakes rocks

  ________________maryport blues

  ________________cockrock 2010

  ________________beck fest

  ____________cockermouth show 2010

  ____________cumberland point to point at heathfield

  ____________dean scarecrow and arts festival 2010

  ____________classic cars revival rally

  ____________cockermouth georgian fair 2010

  ____________broughton moor fun day 2010

  ____________carnivals 2010

  ________________cockermouth carnival 2010

  ________________maryport carnival 2010

  ________________seaton carnival 2010

  ________________broughton carnival

  ____________borrowdale shepherds meet 2010

  ____________brides ball 2010

  ____________bridges workington april 2010

  ____________armed forces parade 2010

  ____________bassenthwaite scarecrow festival 2010

  ____________beckstone school st george's day parade

  ________Events 2011

  ____________taste cumbria 2011

  ____________workington town grand final

  ____________remembrance sunday 2011

  ____________school proms 2011

  ________________st josephs school prom 2011

  ________________stainburn school prom 2011

  ________________netherhall school prom 2011

  ________________southfield school prom 2011

  ________________cockermouth may ball

  ________________cockermouth school prom 2011

  ____________news 2011

  ________________september 2011

  ________________october 2011

  ________________november 2011

  ________________may 2011

  ________________march 2011

  ________________june 2011

  ________________july 2011

  ________________january 2011

  ________________february 2011

  ________________december 2011

  ________________august 2011

  ________________april 2011

  ____________nativities 2011

  ____________new starters 2011

  ____________malcolm wilson rally 2011

  ____________duke of lancasters regiment parade

  ____________events 2011

  ________________woolfest 2011

  ________________workington reds v manchester united legends

  ________________uppies and downies 2011

  ________________solfest 2011

  ________________the collection at armathwaite hall

  ________________seaton carnival 2011

  ________________school leavers 2011

  ________________maryport trawler race 2011

  ________________moss bay carnival 2011

  ________________royal wedding celebrations

  ________________maryport carnival 2011

  ________________loweswater show 2011

  ________________maryport blues festival

  ________________keswick jazz festival parade

  ________________keswick show 2011

  ________________fell gather 2011

  ________________glassonbury 2011

  ________________kendal calling 2011

  ________________dearham carnival 2011

  ________________cockermouth show 2011

  ________________cockrock 2011

  ________________armed forces day parade 2011

  ________________broughton carnival 2011

  ____________cn group education awards - golden apples 2011

  ________Events 2015

  ____________Cockermouth by Candlelight 2015

  ____________Taste Cumbria December 2015

  ____________Northbound Festival 2015

  ____________Maryport Blues Festival 2015

  ____________Aspatria Music Festival 2015

  ____________Broughton Carnival 2015

  ____________Distington Vintage Rally 2015

  ____________Workington Reds Junior Football Tournament 2015

  ____________Glassonbury 2015

  ____________Flimby Carnival 2015

  ____________Dearham Carnival 2015

  ____________Castle Rock 2015

  ____________Keswick Midsummer Festival 2015

  ____________Cockermouth Live 2015

  ____________Seaton Carnival 2015

  ____________Uppies and Downies Good Friday 2015

  ____________Uppies and Downies Tuesday Game 2015

  ____________Uppies and Downies Saturday 2015

  ________Events 2012

  ____________eaglesfield carnival

  ____________glassonbury music festival 2012

  ____________jennings rivers ride 2012

  ____________loweswater show

  ____________maryport blues festival 2012

  ________________friday 27th july

  ________________saturday 28th july

  ________________sunday 29th july

  ____________diamond jubilee celebrations 2012

  ____________midnight walk 2012

  ____________dearham carnival 2012

  ____________decades music festival 2012

  ____________olympic torch

  ____________cockermouth triathlon 2012

  ____________cockrock 2012

  ____________paint the town red 2012

  ____________remembrance sunday 2012

  ____________school leavers 2012

  ____________cockermouth carnival 2012

  ____________cockermouth school olympics

  ____________cockermouth show 2012

  ____________christmas lights 2012

  ________________aspatria christmas lights 2012

  ________________cockermouth christmas lights 2012

  ________________maryport christmas lights 2012

  ________________workington christmas lights 2012

  ____________school proms 2012

  ________________cockermouth leavers ball

  ________________cockermouth school prom

  ________________netherhall school prom

  ________________southfield school prom

  ________________st josephs school prom

  ________________stainburn school prom 2012

  ____________seaton carnival 2012

  ____________borrowdale shepherds meet show 2012

  ____________broughton carnival 2012

  ____________solfest 2012

  ____________taste cumbria 2012

  ____________uppies and downies 2012

  ________________easter tuesday game 2012

  ________________good friday game 2012

  ________________saturday game 2012

  ____________valentine rock 2012

  ____________workington schools olympics 2012

  ____________workington to keswick charity walk 2012

  ________Events 2013

  ____________broughton carnival 2013

  ____________cockermouth rock festival - cockrock 2013

  ____________cockermouth show 2013

  ____________gcse results 2013

  ____________keswick midsummer festival 2013

  ____________loweswater show 2013

  ____________malcolm wilson rally 2013

  ____________maryport blues festival 2013

  ________________maryport blues festival friday 2013

  ________________maryport blues festival saturday 2013

  ________________maryport blues festival sunday 2013

  ____________maryport carnival 2013

  ____________proms 2013

  ________________cockermouth school prom 2013

  ________________netherhall school prom 2013

  ________________southfiled school prom 2013

  ________________st josephs school prom 2013

  ________________stainburn school prom 2013

  ____________solfest 2013

  ____________tour of britain 2013

  ____________uppies and downies good friday 2013

  ____________uppies and downies saturday 2013

  ____________uppies and downies tuesday game 2013

  ____________west cumbria game fair 2013

  ____________woolfest 2013

  ________Events 2014

  ____________Remembrance Day 2014

  ____________Prince Charles Visit 2014

  ____________Maryport Blues Festival 2014

  ____________Armed Forces Day Parade, Workington 2014

  ____________Carnivals 2014

  ____________Keswick Mountain Festival 2014

  ____________Uppies & Downies 2014

  ________________Saturday Match 2014

  ________________Easter Tuesday 2014

  ________________Good Friday Match 2014

  ____________malcolm wilson rally 2014

  ____________proms 2014

  ____Floods in West Cumbria 2015

  ____Proms 2015

  ________Workington Sixth Form Prom 2015

  ________Netherhall Prom 2015

  ________St Joseph's School Prom 2015

  ________Southfield Prom 2015

  ________Stainburn School Prom 2015

  ________Beacon Hill School Prom 2015

  ________Cockermouth School Prom 2015


  ____Dance and Music Festivals

  ____Allerdale Views Big Picture

  ____Christmas Plays and Nativities

  Whitehaven News

  ____Agricultural Shows


  ________Whitehaven News 2017

  ________Whitehaven News 2016

  ________Whitehaven News 2015

  ________Whitehaven News 2014

  ________Whitehaven News 2013

  ________Whitehaven News 2012

  ________Whitehaven News 2011

  ________Whitehaven News 2010

  ________Whitehaven News 2009

  ________Whitehaven News Older

  ____Community Events & Features


  ____________Egremont Crab Fair 2011

  ____________Ladies Midnight Walk at Whitehaven 2011

  ____________Whitehaven Carnival 2011

  ____________Whitehaven Festival 2011

  ____________Whitehaven Music Festival 2011


  ____________Distington Vintage Rally 2010

  ____________2010 Election Count for Copeland

  ____________Whitehaven Music Festival 2010

  ____________Whitehaven Carnival 2010

  ____________Whitehaven Festival 2010


  ____________Egremont Crab Fair 2009

  ____________Back to the 80s Here and Now concert

  ____________Ladies Midnight Walk 2009

  ____________Whitehaven Carnival 2009

  ____________Whitehaven Food Festival 2009


  ____________Children In Need 2008

  ____________Egremont Crab Fair 2008

  ____________Agricultural Shows

  ____________Whitehaven Carnival 2008

  ____________Status Quo Concert 2008

  ____________Maritime Festival 2007

  ____Whitehaven (Haven) Rugby League






  ____General Sport

  ____Junior Sport

  ____Cumbrian Views

  Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser


  ________2017 June

  ________2017 May

  ________2017 April

  ____________Lennie Bell BEM

  ____________day centre Easter

  ____________Wildlife club

  ____________day centre

  ____________Playcare drop ins

  ____________Bag packing

  ____________500 words

  ________2017 March

  ____________Scholastic book fair

  ____________Canonbie primary Red Nose

  ____________Langholm primary Red Nose

  ____________Planting trees

  ____________Selling red noses

  ____________Careers fair

  ________2017 February

  ____________Story Teller

  ____________Playcare Burns

  ____________Cardio group

  ____________Ladies Burns

  ____________Gilnockie Burns

  ____________Scottish Day

  ____________Canonbie Burns

  ____________Ladies of Langholm Inspire and Aspire

  ________2017 January

  ____________day centre




  ____________farmers dance

  ____________Rotary Burns night

  ____________Buccleuch Burns

  ________2016 December

  ____________L'holm xmas jumpers

  ____________Langholm nursery party

  ____________Langholm toddlers

  ____________Benty party

  ____________L'holm P1-3 party

  ____________Canonbie nursery-P3 party

  ____________P1-3 N'ton xmas party

  ____________P4-7 N'ton xmas party

  ____________Canonbie xmas jumpers

  ____________Hamper winners

  ____________Langholm P3-P7

  ____________Nursery-P3 Canonbie nativity

  ____________P4-7 Canonbie nativitiy

  ____________Canonbie community cafe

  ____________Langholm nursery-P2

  ____________School Xmas coffee morning

  ____________xmas lights

  ________2016 November

  ____________Eskdalemuir art exhibition

  ____________Bank raid

  ____________Bank raid 1

  ________2016 October

  ____________Walk to school


  ____________Academy prizegiving

  ____________Academy coffee

  ____________Wear it red


  ____________church club

  ________2016 September

  ____________P1-2-3- Canonbie maps


  ____________Brave the Shave

  ____________Canonbie afternoon tea

  ________2016 August

  ____________N'ton p1s

  ____________Information Hub

  ____________exam results

  ________2016 July

  ________2016 June

  ____________Common Riding concert prizegiving

  ____________Queens 90th Buccleuch Centre

  ____________L'holm prize winners

  ____________LPP school fete

  ____________Archeological site

  ____________Playcare silver award

  ____________Rock UK

  ____________P3-4 open afternoon

  ____________CX Project awards

  ____________Langholm Academy sports

  ____________P2-3 open afternoon

  ____________Academy art

  ____________P6 Bike proficiency

  ____________learning base plant sale

  ____________Playcare mud kitchen

  ____________Academy Science Fair

  ____________French week

  ____________Spring Fling

  ____________P4 open afternoon

  ____________N'ton craft fayre

  ________2016 May

  ____________Outdoor learning

  ____________P5-6 open afternoon

  ____________P6-7 open afternoon

  ____________Castle Craigs Club's boys' night

  ____________Cornet candidates

  ____________Meg's Kitchen

  ____________Margaret Pool


  ________2016 April

  ____________Around the World Week






  ____________N'ton tree planting


  ________2016 March

  ____________Langholm day centre

  ____________Newcastleon primary world book day

  ____________Langholm primary world book day

  ____________N'ton primary health week


  ____________P4-5 open afternoon


  ____________Family Bingo

  ________2016 February

  ____________Day Centre Burns

  ____________N'ton drumming

  ____________Scottish day

  ____________canonbie burns

  ____________Artist speed dating

  ________2016 January

  ____________Langholm nursery xmas party


  ____________Eskdale Hotel award

  ____________N'ton Burns supper

  ____________Playcare Burns supper

  ________Canonbie church soup kitchen

  ________Doctors run-trophies

  ________December 2015

  ____________N'ton Playgroup Toddlers


  ____________Justin Sinclair

  ____________Art gallery exhibition

  ____________Benty xmas party

  ____________Langholm toddlers

  ____________Academy variety evening

  ____________Academy coffee

  ____________L'holm P3-P7 nativity

  ____________L'holm nursery-P2 nativity

  ____________Playcare text santa

  ____________L'holm hamper winners

  ____________Langholm church nativity

  ____________cbie lunch club

  ____________day centre

  ____________Langholm P1-3 party

  ____________L'holm P4-5 xmas party

  ____________Langholm P6-7 xmas party

  ____________N'ton P1-3 Xmas party

  ____________N'ton nursery Xmas party

  ____________c'bie nursery-P3 nativity

  ____________N'ton primary Xmas party

  ________________N'ton P4-7 Xmas party

  ________November 2015

  ____________Langholm Canonbie fish

  ____________Academy fish

  ____________Buccleuch Centre Xmas fayre

  ____________Langholm xmas shoeboxes

  ____________Camera club exhibition

  ____________canonbie Rem

  ____________Playcare - firestation

  ____________Blue Moon knitting

  ____________Denis Archie

  ____________Canonbie Halloween

  ____________Playcare sensory Halloween

  ____________Playcare nursery Halloween

  ____________Blue Moon pumpkins

  ____________Langholm Halloween



  ____________Day centre Halloween

  ____________P7 Science challenge

  ________October 2015

  ____________Xcel Project 10th year

  ____________Academy - Macmillan

  ____________N'ton auction

  ____________Academy awards

  ____________Canonbie captains

  ____________N'ton Macmillan cm

  ____________L'holm pupil council

  ____________L'holm JRSO

  ____________L'holm house captains vice

  ________September 2015

  ____________Liddesdale parish church cm

  ____________Langholm Show

  ____________1st Canonbie Brownies - Macmillan

  ____________Canonbie United Parish church - Macmillan

  ____________N'ton Wildlife group

  ____________Doctors run

  ____________N'ton welfare group

  ____________Benty Show

  ____________Canonbie Day of the Region


  ____________School reunion

  ____________Holm Show

  ________August 2015

  ____________John Smith

  ____________Aileen McLeod


  ____________Canonbie flower show

  ____________Canonbie pet show

  ____________Canonbie - Catherine

  ____________Masonic parade

  ________July 2015

  ____________Birds of prey

  ____________Town band sale

  ________June 2015

  ____________LPS fete

  ____________carers cheque

  ____________child smile


  ____________Isabelle Rutherford

  ____________Spar opening

  ____________Gilnockie art exhibition

  ____________Westerhall gardens

  ____________Canonbie cafe opening

  ____________Playcare plants

  ____________John - Canonbie sports


  ____________P1 open aft

  ____________Gareth Irving

  ____________Children 1st


  ________May 2015

  ____________S1 litter pick

  ____________Active schools

  ____________Canonbie community cafe

  ____________Dragons Den

  ____________Rotary cheques


  ____________S6 graduation



  ____________Eskdale Group SWI

  ____________work experience

  ____________P6 Victorians

  ____________N'ton craft fayre


  ____________Black cab

  ____________spring fling

  ________April 2015

  ____________Umbrella walk


  ____________Try golf






  ____________Balance bikes



  ____________Transition bowling

  ____________basket ball


  ____________N'ton Welfare cm

  ____________P1 wedding

  ____________Assault course

  ____________N'ton Parkinsons cm


  ____________Karen boxing


  ____________rugby festival

  ________March 2015


  ____________Bird Hide

  ____________Comic Relief

  ____________Playcare Red Nose

  ____________NSP coffee morning

  ____________Skerryvore - Canonbie

  ____________Skerryvore - Langholm

  ____________Toy box

  ____________Westerkirk Guild soup lunches

  ____________Red Day

  ________February 2015

  ____________L'holm primary pjs

  ____________Canonbie Burns event

  ____________Wildlife club

  ____________afternoon tea

  ____________Church Poverty group


  ____________N'ton Guild

  ____________Langholm Academy Autism


  ____________Opening of the school

  ____________Gilnockie Burns supper

  ____________Holm coffee morning

  ____________Skerryvore - Canonbie

  ____________Sports Ambassadors

  ____________P7 Burns poetry

  ________January 2015

  ____________L'holm primary tartan day

  ____________Forestry plantation

  ____________Playcare Burns




  ____________Ladies Burns club supper

  ____________Masonic Burns supper

  ____________Mark Frankland

  ____________Ewes WRI Burns supper

  ____________Legion senior citizens party

  ________December 2014

  ____________Playcare Xmas party

  ____________Langholm P6-7 Xmas party

  ____________N'ton Ms Ts

  ____________Floral workshop

  ____________Langholm P4-5 Xmas party

  ____________Canonbie church nativity

  ____________Langholm church nativity

  ____________Langholm P3

  ____________Langholm primary P1-2 party

  ____________Langholm primary nursery party

  ____________Canonbie nursery-P3 party

  ____________S3 coffee

  ____________xmas day centre

  ____________Canonbie P4-7 party

  ____________P4-7 Christmas concert

  ____________Newcastleton school fair

  ____________Canonbie nursery -P3 nativity

  ____________Canonbie P4-7 nativity

  ____________Langholm nursery-P1

  ____________Langholm Ms Ts

  ____________C'bie over 60s

  ____________Benty Xmas party

  ____________Canonbie primary fundraiser

  ________________Langholm primary nursery party

  ____________Art club exhibition

  ________November 2014

  ____________LLAGs coffee morning

  ____________Buccleuch Centre Xmas fayre

  ____________Wheelie playtime

  ____________Sharon Irving

  ____________Playcare Sensory group

  ____________Playcare 3-5

  ____________Newcastleton shoeboxes

  ____________Playcare 0-3

  ____________L'holm Academy science

  ____________Canonbie shoeboxes

  ____________Langholm shoeboxes


  ____________Irving Stuart

  ____________Mel - Remembrance

  ________________langholm 2




  ____________Injured Jockey's fund

  ____________C'bie remembrance

  ____________bonfire 2014

  ____________Langholm Halloween

  ____________Canonbie Halloween

  ____________Rumpus in the Rainforest

  ____________Master chef

  ____________mums toddlers

  ____________pumpkin run

  ____________Canonbie craft fayre

  ________October 2014

  ____________Canonbie gallery


  ____________heritage auction

  ____________Street jam

  ____________Academy awards

  ____________Junior road safety officers

  ____________Academy prizegiving


  ________September 2014

  ____________Rugby coffee morning

  ____________Day Of The Region

  ____________N'ton P1s

  ____________L'holm Rotary cm

  ____________Macmillan cm

  ____________Marilyn Wright

  ____________Armstrong exhibition

  ____________John Benty show

  ________August 2014


  ____________Wreath laying


  ____________N'ton park

  ____________CR comp winners

  ____________Canonbie pet show

  ____________Canonbie show

  ________July 2014

  ____________Window competition

  ____________Masonic Parade

  ____________town band sale

  ____________Canonbie nursery sports

  ____________L'holm Academy sports

  ____________street party

  ____________Art club

  ____________copshaw CR

  ____________N'ton music festival

  ____________Whithaugh bridge

  ____________L'holm Academy sports winners

  ____________Milawi cheque

  ____________poster comp

  ____________Canonbie P7 nursery leavers

  ____________Bike proficiency

  ____________Border Reivers

  ____________Sports - Queen's Baton

  ____________Milawi day

  ________________Afternoon lessons

  ____________Collecting water

  ____________Church fete

  ____________Rachel Graham

  ____________Art prize winners


  ________June 2014

  ____________Queen's Baton


  ____________Rachel baton

  ____________Common Riding concert

  ____________Nordon golden wedding


  ____________Masonic cheque


  ____________Closing ceremony

  ____________Canonbie sports

  ____________Roots for Empathy

  ____________Canonbie school sports

  ____________Cricket sixes

  ____________Health week

  ________May 2014

  ________April 2014

  ________March 2014

  ________February 2014

  ________January 2014

  ________December 2013

  ________November 2013

  ________October 2013

  ________September 2013

  ________August 2013

  ________E&L July 2013

  ________E & L June 2013

  ________E&L May 2013

  ________E&L April 2013

  ________E&L March 2013

  ________E&L February 2013

  ________E&L January 2013

  ________E&L December 2012

  ________E&L November 2012

  ________E&L October 2012

  ________E&L September 2012

  ________E&L August 2012

  ________E&L July 2012

  ________E&L June 2012

  ________E&L May 2012

  ________E&L April 2012

  ________E&L March 2012

  ________E&L February 2012

  ________E&L January 2012

  ________E&L December 2011

  ________E&L November 2011

  ________E&L October 2011

  ________E&L September 2011

  ________E&L August 2011

  ________E&L July 2011

  ________E&L June 2011

  ________E&L May 2011

  ________E&L April 2011

  ________E&L March 2011

  ________E&L Feb 2011

  ________E & L Advertiser 2010

  ________E&L Jan 2011

  ________E & L Advertiser 2009

  ________E & L Advertiser 2008

  ________july 2016

  ____________Playcare graduation

  ____________Copshaw Common Riding

  ____________Somme ceremony

  ____________P1-2 open afternoon

  ____________N'ton prizegiving


  ________Cycling/mountain biking











  ________Cross country

  ____________Cross country

  ____________Canonbie cross country


  ____________Primary golf


  ________CR sports 2009


  ____________Cricket seat

  ________Hound Trails



  ____________pumpkin run

  ____________Doctors run

  ____________Doctors run-trophies


  ____________whisky run


  ____________L'holm new town bowling

  ____________L'holm New Town

  ____________L'holm Old Town

  ____________Castle Craigs cup

  ____________legion bowling rinks

  ____________L'holm Old Town bowling

  ____________Old Town bowling

  ____________L'holm New Town bowling club



  ____________Canonbie football Brydekirk


  ________________Langholm Legion

  ____________Reivers League


  ____________Football tournament

  ____________Legion night


  ____________Former players dinner at Milntown

  ____________(Mel) Langholm 7s

  ____________Langholm 7s (John)


  ____________U14s rugby


  ________mini rugby photos

  ____Langholm Show

  ________Langholm show

  ____Doctors' Run

  ________Youth-Junior Race

  ________Main Race

  ____Canonbie Pet Show

  ____Holm Show

  ____Events & Features

  ________Fun Run




  ____________Sat prizegiving 10k

  ____________Sat prizegiving half

  ____________time trial

  ____________runners 2016


  ____Common Riding

  ________Common Riding 2016

  ____________window comp

  ____________Cornet election

  ________________Cornet election

  ____________Cornet & Young Riders

  ____________Common Riding concert prizegiving

  ____________pony rideout

  ____________Benty ride-out

  ____________Ewes Valley

  ____________Castle Craigs

  ____________Cornet at businesses

  ____________Common Riding 3

  ____________Common Riding 2

  ____________Common Riding 1

  ____________CR concert

  ____________Langholm Playcare Common Riding

  ____________Cornet visits

  ____________Cornet at Playcare graduation

  ____________Cornet street party

  ________Common Riding sports 2015

  ____________athletics pix

  ________Common Riding 2015

  ____________Investiture concert

  ____________CR window competition

  ____________Start of Common Riding day

  ____________Common Riding day

  ____________Playcare CR

  ____________Cornet party

  ____________Ms Ts

  ____________Kirkin of Cornet

  ____________Castle Craigs ride-out

  ____________Pedens View

  ____________Ewes Rideout

  ____________Common Riding concert

  ____________pony rideout

  ____________Craig ride-out

  ____________Benty ride-out

  ____________Cornet & Young Riders

  ____________Cornet election

  ________________Cornet elected

  ____________Cornet candidates

  ________Common Riding 2014

  ____________Window competition

  ________________Window competition

  ____________Playcare Common Riding & competition

  ________________Playcare CR

  ________________Playcare exhibition

  ____________Cornet investiture and concert

  ________________CR concert

  ____________Cornet's visits to businesses & community

  ________________Cornet at Ms Ts

  ________________Cornet at LI

  ________________Cornet at Paisley's

  ________________Cornet at EWM

  ________________Cornet at Greenbank

  ________________Cornet at hospital

  ________________Cornet at Buccleuch

  ________________Cornet at day centre

  ________________Cornet at dyehouse

  ________________Cornet Border Fine Arts

  ________________Cornet at BFA

  ____________Kirkin' of the Cornet

  ________________kirkin Cornet

  ____________Cornet's night at the Legion

  ________________Cornet at Legion

  ____________Flute band social

  ________________flute band social

  ____________Common Riding Day

  ________________CR in paper

  ____________Cornet at Rotary

  ____________Castle Craigs ride-out

  ________________C Craigs ride-out

  ____________Pony ride-out

  ________________pony ride-out

  ____________Peden View ride-out

  ________________Pedens View ride-out

  ____________Craig ride-out

  ________________Craig ride-out

  ____________Benty ride-out

  ________________Benty Ride-out 2014

  ____________Ewes Valley ride-out

  ________Common Riding sport 2014

  ____________Common Riding Athletics

  ________Common Riding sport 2013

  ________Common Riding 2013



  ____School Leavers


  ____New Starters

  ____A-Level and GCSE Exam Results

  ____School leavers; readers ordering

  ________Sixth Form Leavers

  ________Year Six Leavers

  ____General School

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