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Site Map: Aberdeen City Council

  Aberdeen News Photographs

  ____News photographs 2021

  ________Summer of Play-July

  ____News photographs 2016

  ________151216 Gordon Burnett Art

  ____News Photographs 2019

  ________300519 Rachel Corsie at Ashley Road School

  ________160419 Best Bar None Awards

  ________180419 Nu Art Launch

  ________280419 Sri Lanka Memorial Ceremony

  ________250419 ANZAC Event

  ________300419 Woodside Speedwatch

  ________100519 Patricio Forrester Painter

  ________020519 ToBi Tour Series Mascot

  ________090519 Oor Wullie Statue

  ________130519 Woodside Art

  ________100419 Tour Series Photo call

  ________220219 The Facials

  ____News photographs 2018

  ________Aberdeen Music School Musicians

  ____News Photographs 2015

  ________15/06/15 GRANITE Launch

  ________25/03/15 Art Gallery turf cut

  ____News Photographs 2014

  ________30th Oct 2014-New Roads Winter Vehicles

  ________Aberdeen Bowling tournament 26/07/14

  ________Victoria House topping off ceremony-24th July 2014

  ________School Lunches 03/07/14

  ________Sandcastle Builders 02/07/14

  ________Tarmac Street Printing

  ________Newshills school turf cut-1st April 2014

  ________Rt Hon Maria Miller MP-24th Feb 2014

  ________Clyde the games mascot-28th Jan. 2014

  ____News Photographs 2013

  ________Econ Gritters

  ________Ice Rink opening 3rd Dec 2013

  ________Tim Baillie-30th Aug

  ________Beach Ballroom memories book 18th April 2013

  ________Tullos Pool Renovation

  ____News photographs 2011

  ____News Photographs 2012

  Aberdeen City

  ____Aberdeen Hydrogen-H2

  ____SPECTRA 2020

  ____280419 Persley Walled Garden

  ____290319 Aberdeen Harbour

  ____100419 Marischal College

  ____100419 Torry Views

  ____230419 Wallace Tower

  ____Beach & Coast

  ____Parks,Gardens & Open Spaces

  ____Aberdeen City Views

  ____Aberdeen Harbour

  ____Winter Views


  Lord Provost's Engagements

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2020

  ________Everyday Heroes Event

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2017

  ________190719 Alberto Morrocco Painting

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2019

  ________250919 Aberdeen in Bloom Awards

  ________041019 School Hydrogen Challenge

  ________100919 Tuesday League Bowling Club

  ________220819 Low's Fish and Chip shop award

  ________110619 Arbroath Probus Tour

  ________310519 Gurkha Regimental Dinner

  ________310519 Kids Out Civic

  ________260319 Aberdeen Lions Club Cheques

  ________290519 Lord Lieutenant Cadets

  ________120419 David Showman Dinner

  ________180419 Nu Art Launch Civic

  ________220419 British Empire Medal Recipients

  ________240419 Bon Accord Bowling Club Civic

  ________250419 Launch Dolphin Watch

  ________130519 RAG Awards

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2018

  ________260218 Walker Road Dance Group

  ________10th Aug-Aurora Dance Group Visit

  ________19th September-Aberdeen in Bloom Awards

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2016

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom 2016

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2015

  ________4th Oct 2015-Silver Sunday Civic

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom Garden Competition-30th Sept

  ________Dean of Guild 800th anniversary civic

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2014

  ________28th Sept 2014- Commonwealth Games Civic.

  ________8th Nov 2014-USHAKOV medals.

  ________23/09/14 Aberdeen in Bloom awards.

  ________22/09/14 Margaret Bond BEM

  ________08th August 2014 Aurora Dancers.

  ________9th June 2014-Quincentenary Medal Winners

  ________27th April 2014- Highland Dance competition.

  ________19th April 2014-European Marathi Sammelan

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2013

  ________7th June 2013- Music Society Civic.

  ________Family History Society-14th Nov 2013

  ________Arctic Star Awards-7th Sept 2013

  ________Friends of Galleries & Museums-28th Sept 2013

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom Award-26th Sept 2013

  ________4th Sept 2103-Seafarers Royal visit

  ________Golden Games evening-14/06/13

  ________Community Star Awards-27th July

  ________2nd May 2013- Star Awards

  ________20th July Croquet Civic

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2012

  ________Community All Stars- 25th Nov 2012

  ________HRH opening of Marischal college-24th Sept. 2012

  ________Cults Tennis Club Anniversary-5th Oct 2012

  ________Earl of Wessex- Powis Comm. Centre-6th OCT 2012

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom Awards-26th Sept. 2012

  ________Lyric Society Civic 25th May 2012

  ________Cults Bowling Club 125th Anniversary Civic.

  ________Paul Mealor Civic-18th April.

  ________Nutrition Society Civic 26th March 2012

  ________Northern Bowling Club 125th Anniversary

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2011

  ________Merchant Seafarers Veterans Awards 30th Nov 2011

  ________Aberdeen University Shinty Club Anni.

  ________Gordon Highlanders Statue Maquette.

  ________Gordon Highlanders Statue-15th Oct.2011

  ________Meff Spence Bowling- 15th June 2011

  ________19th May 2011-Quincentenary Medal Winners 2011

  ________British Council Comenius Project

  ________Aberdeen 2010 Sports Person of the Year

  ________Highland Dance Competition 24th April 2011

  ________Duchess of Rothesay Visit 20th Jan. 2011

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2010

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom -25th Nov 2010

  ________AIFF civic and award ceremony 24th July 2010

  ________Responsible Dog Poster Competition

  ____Lord Provost's Engagements 2009

  ________Aberdeen in Bloom 2009

  ________Girls' Brigade, Royal Visit-30th Sept 2009

  ________Enlightened Burns 30th Oct 2009

  ________Scottish Blood Transfusion Donor Awards 2009


  ____Events 2021

  ________211121 Peace Project

  ________181121 Denis Law statue

  ____Events 2020

  ________Remembrance Sunday 2020

  ________061120 Bi Election

  ________SPECTRA 2020

  ________Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

  ____Events 2019

  ________240819 Celebrate Aberdeen Parade

  ________250819 Great Aberdeen Run

  ________060719 Darcey Bussell Dance Competition

  ________160619 Highland Games

  ________160519 Tour Series 2019

  ____Events 2018

  ________Aberdeen Highland Games 2018

  ____Events 2017

  ________25th November-Denis Law Freedom of the City

  ________Switch on Union Street Christmas lights

  ________Celebrate Aberdeen Parade 26th Aug

  ________Great Aberdeen Run 27th August

  ____Events 2015

  ________22/09/15 Chinese 'WARRIOR' show.

  ________27/06/15 Armed Forces Day 2015

  ________Golden Games 2015

  ____________Golden Games Tai Chi

  ____________Golden Games Pitch Putt

  ____________Golden Games Bowling

  ____________Golden Games Social Event

  ____________Golden Games Pilates

  ____________Golden Games Chi Gung

  ____________Golden Games Union Terrace Games

  ____________Golden Games Pentathlon 10th June

  ____________Golden Games Fitstep

  ____________Golden Games Pickleball

  ____________Golden Games Pentathlon 9th June

  ____________Golden Games Bicycles

  ____________Golden Games Wellbeing Circuits

  ____________Golden Games Wall Climbing

  ____________Golden Games Swimming

  ____________Golden Games Line dancing

  ________5th Marc 2015-Mexican President Visit

  ____Events 2014

  ________Eco Awards 02/12/14

  ________01/12/14 UTG Ice Rink

  ________Dame Evelyn Glennie-Animotion

  ________50 PLUS Events 2014

  ________River Dee Kayaking 3rd July 2014

  ________4 Scots Parade 1st July 2014

  ________Queen's Baton Relay 30th June 2014

  ________Golden Games 2014

  ________AFC Parade on Union Street-23rd March 2014

  ____Events 2013

  ________Union Street Christmas Parade-24th Nov 2013

  ________HRH at Seafarers-4th Sept 2013

  ________50+ Festival finale Concert-15th Sept 2013

  ________Tartan Day- 27th July

  ________Duthie Park re-opening 30th June 2013

  ________Armed Forces Day Parade 29th June 2013

  ________IWD-contact for images

  ____Events 2012

  ________Armed Forces Day-30th June 2012

  ________Petrobas Inward mission-10th Dec 2012

  ________Christmas Lights Switch On-25th Nov.2012

  ________Fireworks Night 5th Nov.2012

  ________50+ Kilted Chef Cookery Class

  ________50+ Day- Duthie Park-8th Sept 2012

  ________50+ Fashion Show 29th Aug 2012

  ________Duthie Park Jubilee Party

  ________10K Race 20th May 2012

  ____Events 2011

  ________Avenue-A new Direction

  ________Aberdeen In Bloom-28th Sept 2011

  ________Offshore Europe 2011

  ________10K Race 22nd May 2011

  ____Events 2010

  ________50+ Christmas T-Dance, 9th Dec 2010.

  ________50 Plus Fashion Show

  ________Santa Parade-5th Dec. 2010

  ________2010 union st christmas lights switch on

  ________Union St. Christmas Lights Switch on 2010.

  ________Armed Forces Day- 26th June 2010

  ________Children & Young People's Awards 15th June 2010

  ________Children's University Awards 21st June 2010

  ________Baker Hughes 10K 2010

  ____Events 2009

  ________Union Street Christmas Lights 15th Nov.2009

  ________Aberdeen Highland Games 2009

  ________Bookstart 10th Anniversary

  ________CYP Football Awards

  ________Children's University Awards 22nd June 2009

  ________Offshore Europe 2009

  ________Tartan day 2009

  Aerial Photographs

  Historical Images

  ____Historical Aberdeen Views

  ____Summerhill Education Centre

  ____St Nicholas Room-Ceiling

  ____City seal

  ____Hall Russell


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