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  ____________An Evening with Barry McGuigan

  ____________Oisin CLG Dinner Dance


  ____________London v Waterford

  ____________London v Kildare

  ____________London v Laois

  ____________Roger Casements Strictly Come Dancing

  ____________Mayo Asc Manchester Dinner

  ____________Thomas McCurtains Dinner

  ____________London v Antrim

  ____________London v Westmeath

  ____________ICAP Dinner

  ____________Echoes of Erin in Leamington Spa

  ____________Liam Brady at RISSC

  ____________Leitrim Asc London Dinner

  ____________St Brendan's GAA


  ____________London v Carlow

  ____________London v Kerry

  ____________Milton Keynes Irish Society Dinner

  ____________Ballroom of Romance

  ____________GAA Westminster Dinner

  ____________London v Meath

  ____________London v Wicklow

  ____________St Brigid's Celebration

  ____________Grace Kennedy School Fundraiser

  ____________Irish Coffee Day at Waxy's

  ____________Julie O'Neill Transplant Dinner

  ____________London v Limerick

  ____________Wicklow GAA Fundraiser

  ____________Warwickshire GAA Dinner

  ____________London v Carlow Hurling

  ____________Luton Irish Forum at Embassy

  ____________St Dympna's Luton 60th

  ____________Bernard Brogan at M J Hudson

  ____________Galway Asc Coventry Dinner

  ____________Mick O'Sullivan Fundraiser

  ____________Teachers Get Strictly


  ____________BIAS Christmas Lunch

  ____________Warrington Senior Citizens Party

  ____________London Irish v Newcastle

  ____________Our Lady of Lourdes Derby

  ____________Derby Senior Citizens Christmas party

  ____________Greenwich Irish Pensioners

  ____________Coventry Comhaltas Christmas Ceili

  ____________Whelan's Uxbridge

  ____________Galway Asc Manchester Fundraiser

  ____________Turley Duggan Academy Ball

  ____________Fulham Irish v Corofin

  ____________Derby Irish Asc Dinner

  ____________Haringey - Abbey Ceili Band

  ____________Harrow Whisky Festival 2018



  ____________Coventry Irish Society's Winter Ball

  ____________Herts Minor Board Awards

  ____________Show of Hands in Coventry

  ____________Addiscombe Catholic Club

  ____________Kilburn Gaels v Kanturk

  ____________Mayo Asc London Dinner

  ____________Ireland Funds Winter Ball

  ____________Birmingham Tradfest

  ____________Claffey Family Birthday Manchester

  ____________Ryan McMullan in Birmingham

  ____________Southwark Pensioners Christmas

  ____________Warrington Irish Club

  ____________IYF Winter Ball


  ____________Danny Ryan's Birthday bash

  ____________Munnelly's Golf Day

  ____________Embassy ESP Reception

  ____________Return to Camden Town

  ____________Kerry Asc London Dinner 2017

  ____________Galway Asc Manchester

  ____________English Martyrs Fundraiser

  ____________Bantry Kealkill Dance

  ____________Shabra Charity Foundation

  ____________Celtic Woman Birmingham

  ____________Claddagh Gaels Dinner 2017

  ____________Irish Film London Launch 2017

  ____________Roscommon Asc Manchester

  ____________Roger Casements Dinner


  ____________Pop up Gaeltact

  ____________Jimmy Cricket in Derby

  ____________Ryan McMullan Concert in Birmingham

  ____________TitanicDance Manchester

  ____________TLICN Boat Trip

  ____________London IHC Final 2017

  ____________TC Gaels v St Kiernans

  ____________Fulham Irish v Round Towers

  ____________East London Comhaltas 60th

  ____________Biblecode Sundays Album Launch

  ____________Dervish at ICC

  ____________Joe O'Donnell Album Launch

  ____________Co-operation Ireland Manchester Ball

  ____________London Senior Hurling Final

  ____________Mayo Asc Luton Dinner

  ____________Erin go Bragh GAA

  ____________N London Shamrocks Golf

  ____________London SFC Final 2017

  ____________Shane Filan in Birmingham

  ____________Sharon Shannon at IWHC Manchester

  ____________Tunes of the Munster Pipers


  ____________LIRFC v Harlequins

  ____________Oxford Arms Mayo GAA Podcast

  ____________Liam Farrell's 80th

  ____________All FM Fundraiser Manchester

  ____________Mayo Asc Manchester buffet

  ____________McCurtains v Fulham Irish

  ____________Toureen Group Golf

  ____________Meadow House Hospice 30th

  ____________6 months to St Pat's (Chris Egan)

  ____________London Lasses in Kingsbury

  ____________Quants - Kylemore Golf

  ____________London IFC Final

  ____________London JFC Final

  ____________Ireland Funds Global 5k Run

  ________________Ireland Funds Global 5k Run


  ____________Tara GFC Summer Camp

  ____________Irish in Britain, Cuimhne Cup

  ____________Christina Noble Golf

  ____________Tourism Ireland Game of Thrones

  ____________Innisfree Men's Shed

  ____________Pat Malloy Summer School, Birmingham

  ____________GAGS Captain's Day

  ____________Fr Murphys v Cuchullainns

  ____________Kilkenny Tavern Session

  ____________Warwick Folk Festival


  ____________KKG v Round Towers

  ____________St Kiernan's v Fulham Irish

  ____________Ballroom of Romance

  ____________Club Tyrone London Launch

  ____________Irish Night at Kempton Park


  ____________Embassy Sporting Event

  ____________RNOH Appeal Golf Day

  ____________BITA Lunch

  ____________SFC Qualifier London v Carlow

  ____________Coventry Pioneer Rally

  ____________Ann Boyle Memorial Day

  ____________Amb Irish Community Farewell

  ____________All Britain Fleadh

  ____________Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot

  ____________Irish Hooley at Kings Place

  ____________Irish GT Festival

  ____________Lighthouse Club Summer Ball

  ____________Disorder Contained - Coventry

  ____________The Kilkenny's at the Core Theatre

  ____________Declan Nerney at Shamrock Club WGC

  ____________LIRFC Academy Golf

  ____________Fullen Gaels GAA Dinner Dance

  ____________TLICN Ambassador Farewell

  ____________Frosty's Bar Opening

  ____________London Irish Vintage Day


  ____________Derby Rose of Tralee

  ____________Kerry Asc London Golf Day

  ____________Cooperation Ireland Dinner

  ____________Trinity Dining Club

  ____________Sligo Business Network

  ____________Herts Schools GAA

  ____________John and Maggie Carty Concert

  ____________BIAS Tea Dance


  ____________Rehab Golf Classic

  ____________London Wexford Asc Dinner

  ____________London Irish Mini Rugby

  ____________Backward Glance Launch

  ____________We Built this City Birmingham

  ____________London Regional Fleadh

  ____________London Roses GAA Game

  ____________LIRFC v Doncaster Knights

  ____________Mayo Day Luton

  ____________Birmingham Irish Centre 50th

  ____________Darkness into Light Manchester


  ____________London Irish Playgroup

  ____________Leitrim Asc London Dinner

  ____________Mayo Asc Manchester

  ____________Stand Up For Choice Comedy

  ____________St Patrick's Troupe Concert

  ____________London Irish RFC Sponsors Dinner

  ____________Midlands Regional Fleadh

  ____________Irish Community Services at Saddlers' Hall

  ____________Waterford GAA Dinner


  ____________Michael McGoldrick Trio Warwick

  ____________St Barnabas GAA Nottingham

  ____________ICAP Dinner 2017

  ____________TLICN Westminster Reception

  ____________Longford Asc London Dinner

  ____________Warwickshire GAA Awards

  ____________Kevin Kelly Appreciation Evening

  ____________LIC Big Night Out

  ____________RNOH Jimmy White Pool Night

  ____________Coleen MacDonald Golf Day

  ____________Erin Go Bragh Camogie Tournament

  ____________The Mahones

  ____________O'Shea's Bar Manchester

  ____________Thomas McCurtains Dinner

  ____________St Brendan's GAA Manchester

  ____________Shakespeare's influence on Irish Life


  ____________Tipperary Asc London Dinner

  ____________Debbie Taylor Breast Cancer Fundraiser

  ____________IFGB Embassy Reception

  ____________Warwickshire GAA Awards

  ____________Waxy's Irish Coffee Day

  ____________Milton Keynes Irish Society Dinner

  ____________This is Irish Dance Warwick

  ____________Auld Triangle Session

  ____________St Kent's Manchester Fundraiser

  ____________London Irish Playgroup

  ____________Kilkenny GAA Supporters Dinner

  ____________Cailini Secret

  ____________London GAA Dinner 2017

  ____________RISSC Quiz 2017

  ____________BITA Lansdowne Club Lunch

  ____________Grim's Dyke Irish Cabaret


  ____________Embassy Press Reception

  ____________An Evening with Barry McGuigan

  ____________WIN and IYF Reception

  ____________Southwark Pensioners Christmas

  ____________Michael O'Mahoney Retirement

  ____________Coventry Comhaltas Ceili

  ____________Galway Asc Manchester Dance

  ____________Jake Carter in Manchester



  ____________Parnells GAA Dinner

  ____________Irish Community Care Manchester Dinner

  ____________ICAP Winter Supper

  ____________Mayo Asc London Dinner 2016

  ____________West London Irish Society

  ____________IYF Ball 2016

  ____________Donegal Asc London Dinner

  ____________Causeway Irish Housing 30th

  ____________Patricia Herron book launch

  ____________Churchill Arms Churchill's B'day

  ____________Lighthouse Xmas Lunch

  ____________Irish Studies Centre 30th

  ____________Galway Asc London Dinner 2016

  ____________Roger Casements Coventry 60th

  ____________Irish Network Stevenage

  ____________Greenwich Irish Pensioners Xmas

  ____________IFGB Winter Ball 2016


  ____________Kerry Dinner 2016

  ____________Christy Moore at Symphony Hall

  ____________Return to Camden Town

  ____________Mary Coughlan at Nell's

  ____________The Fureys at Bromsgrove Artrix

  ____________Coronas at Nells

  ____________London Irish Town PLanners

  ____________London Irish v Connacht Eagles

  ____________Cooperation Ireland Ball

  ____________Hibernian Irish Society

  ____________Sligo Comes to London

  ____________Mind Yourself at Red Gallery

  ____________Claddagh Gaels Dinner

  ____________Rita Gilligan Hard Rock cafe

  ____________Irish Film London Launch

  ____________Kerry Asc Manchester Dance


  ____________Irish Heritage at Royal Overseas League

  ____________London JFC - TCG v Tara

  ____________Half Way to St Pat's

  ____________London IFC Neasden v Harlesden

  ____________Ranagri Album Launch

  ____________IIBN TLICN Oliver Mangan

  ____________The New London Country Band

  ____________Rich McMahon Paul Murphy Tribute

  ____________Daniel O'Donnell at Birmingham Irish Centre

  ____________George Semple Worlds Party

  ____________Basingstoke Set Dancing Weekend

  ____________Cork Chamber Dinner

  ____________Shawn Cuddy at Slough Irish Club

  ____________Sixties n Love Concert Manchester

  ____________McGettigan's Bar Fulham

  ____________St Kiernans v N London Shamrocks

  ____________T C Gaels v Parnells

  ____________London SHC Final 2016

  ____________GOAL Ball

  ____________Ambassadors Challenge Cup Golf

  ____________Mayo Asc Manchester Dance

  ____________Irish Community Services History

  ____________Mayo Asc Luton Dinner

  ____________CIS and British Heart Foundation

  ____________Mayo V Rest of Ireland at Emerald Grounds

  ____________Derek Ryan at The Crescent Theatre

  ____________Singing Your Heart Out

  ____________London SFC Final

  ____________St Lawrences GAA


  ____________Crawley Irish Festival 2016

  ____________Mick Murray's 70th Birthday

  ____________Bentleys 100th

  ____________Quants Kylemore Golf

  ____________Acton Town to Cork City Exhibition

  ____________London Irish Academy Golf


  ____________London Irish Centre Set Dance

  ____________Nun's Chorus

  ____________TCG Summer Social

  ____________Mary McPartlan at Irish Embassy

  ____________Vic Pub Manchester Leaving party

  ____________Bob Brolly and Friends Charity Show

  ____________Kevin Duggan Golf 2016

  ____________St Finbarr's Coventry 60th


  ____________GAA ABC Launch

  ____________Calum Faragher Funrasing Night

  ____________Fr John Ahern 50 years

  ____________London Irish Vintage Launch

  ____________Christina Noble Golf

  ____________Hooley in Bloomsbury

  ____________All Britain Fleadh Leicester

  ____________West Midlands Irish Business Network

  ____________London Rose Fashion Show

  ____________Coventry Godiva Festival

  ____________Celtic Academy Coventry

  ____________Galway Golf Captain's Day

  ____________Lighthouse Club Ball

  ____________London Irish Vintage Fun Day

  ____________McCurtain's Family Fun Day


  ____________Miracle for Doireann

  ____________Celtic Feet Coventry Albany Theatre

  ____________HRUK and John Carey Irish Dance

  ____________Connacht SFC London v Mayo

  ____________Ireland v Sweden at Hyundai FanDome

  ____________Ann Boyle Memorial Day

  ____________Coley Folan Memorial Day

  ____________Aisling Project Race Night

  ____________Joe Fryday Charity Night

  ____________McAleese at Camden Town Hall


  ____________Council of Irish County Ascs 1916

  ____________Wexford Asc London Dinner

  ____________Mayo Day Luton

  ____________Baldock Fleadh 2016

  ____________Claddagh Asc Manchester

  ____________Oisins GAA Dinner

  ____________London Darkness Into Light

  ____________Manchester Darkness Into Light

  ____________St Mary's GAA Manchester

  ____________Launch of Gael Londain GFC

  ____________London Rose of Tralee 2016


  ____________Gael Londain GAA at LIRFC

  ____________Luton 1916 Commemoration

  ____________Waterford GAA Dinner

  ____________1916 The Rebellion

  ____________Midlands Region Fleadh

  ____________London Irish Community Library

  ____________Roland Jaquario Book Launch


  ____________Manchester Mayo Association Dinner

  ____________Longford Asc London Dinner

  ____________Warrington Irish Festival

  ____________Coventry Galway Asc Dinner

  ____________England v Ireland Legends

  ____________Macalla 1916

  ____________Leitrim Asc London Dinner

  ____________Manchester Irish Festival 21 years


  ____________London GAA Dinner

  ____________N Ireland Supporters Song


  ____________London Irish v Newcastle

  ____________Slough Set Dancing

  ____________Harrow Whisky Festival

  ____________Greenwich Irish Pensioners Lunch

  ____________Christ the King 70th

  ____________Wasps V Leinster Fanzone

  ____________Warrington Irish Club Party



  ____________Mayo Dinner 2015

  ____________IYF Ball 2015

  ____________IFGB Winter Ball 2015

  ____________Birmingham Tradfest

  ____________Roger Casements Dinner Dance

  ____________London Irish Centre Xmas Lunch


  ____________St Brendan's Birmingham Dinner

  ____________BIA and ICAP fundraiser

  ____________An Evening with Paul McGrath

  ____________Claddagh Gaels Dinner 2015

  ____________Womens Boxing Club Birmingham

  ____________West London Irish 2015

  ____________London Donegal Asc Dinner


  ____________Kerry Association London Dinner

  ____________Roger Casements Strictly Come Dancing


  ____________Crawley Irish Festival 2015

  ____________London Irish Vintage 2015

  ____________Ireland Rugby Welcome Ceremony


  ____________Kevin Duggan Golf 2015


  ____________Ann Boyle Family Day

  ____________65 Roses for Kath

  ____________Longford GAA Golf

  ____________Hooley in Bloomsbury

  ____________London Irish Academy Golf

  ____________Tedfest London

  ____________Bob Brolly and Friends


  ____________Paddy Benson Boxing Dinner

  ____________Coley Folan Memorial Tournament

  ____________The Strypes at Kasbah Coventry

  ____________Irish Literary Society Dinner

  ____________Christina Noble Golf Day

  ____________Kerry GAA Gala Dinner

  ____________Combined Irish Regiments


  ____________London Rose of Tralee

  ____________Birmingham Roscommon Asc Dinner

  ____________Union of Irish Golf Societies National Championshi

  ____________Chris Murphy Brain Turmor Charity Fundraiser May 2

  ____________Nathan Carter in Luton

  ____________Connacht SFC London v Roscommon

  ____________LIRFC Dinner 2015


  ____________Berkeley Foundation GAA 7s

  ____________Coventry Gallipoli commemoration


  ____________Leitrim Dinner 2015

  ____________Erin go Bragh Dinner

  ____________Mike Stanley Tribute

  ____________The Fureys Birmingham

  ____________Irish Post Birmingham Breakfast

  ____________Coventry Galway Dinner

  ____________Irish Post 45th Manchester

  ____________Irish Post Glasgow Breakfast

  ____________Real McCoy at Albany Theatre Coventry

  ____________LIRFC St Patrick's Party

  ____________Dropkick Murphys in Birmingham March 2015

  ____________London Regional Fleadh


  ____________Gerard Byrne Gallery

  ____________London GAA Dinner 2015

  ____________Cooperation Ireland Dinner

  ____________WIN IIBN Museum of London

  ____________ICAP Dinner 2015

  ____________Birmingham St Pats Parade Fundraiser

  ____________Longford Asc London 60th

  ____________Echos of Erin 2015

  ____________TLICN at Westminster

  ____________IFGB at Embassy

  ____________RISSC Quiz

  ____________Nathan Carter in Manchester

  ____________LIGN at Embassy


  ____________WIN IYF at Embassy

  ____________Chartered Accountants Ireland

  ____________Ent Ire Irish Networks

  ____________Greenwich Irish Pensioners Xmas

  ____________Sean Cannon Birthday Celebrations

  ____________RIAI 2015

  ____________Leamington Spa Comhaltas 25th Anniversary

  ____________Haringey Pensioners Xmas

  ____________London Irish Art

  ____________AIB JHC Modeligo V Fullen Gaels Jan 2014

  ____________Birmingham Irish Asc Monica's Place Jan 2014

  ____________N London Comhaltas

  ____________Milton Keynes Dinner

  ____________CILLA Ball

  ____________Galway Asc London Dinner

  ____________LIC Xmas Tea Dance



  ____________TLICN Boat Trip

  ____________Mind Yourself ICAP

  ____________Big Dishgo

  ____________Rory Gallagher

  ____________ESP Grants

  ____________Irish Community Services

  ____________Christina Noble Lunch

  ____________Crawley Festival 2014

  ____________Annie Kidd 50th Celebrations Print

  ____________Strictly Come Dancing

  ____________RISSC 30th Anniversary


  ____________London Irish RFC Hazlewood Opening

  ____________Waterford Breakfast

  ____________West London Irish 2014

  ____________IFGB Winter Ball

  ____________Mayo Asc London Dinner

  ____________Birmingham Tradfest 2014

  ____________Coventry Comhaltas Christmas Ceili Dec 2014

  ____________Golden Shamrock Nottingham


  ____________Roscommon Dinner Manchester

  ____________Corby Irish Centre 40th

  ____________All Ireland Run 2014

  ____________University of Liverpool

  ____________IFGB Ladies Lunch

  ____________Craic It London

  ____________Foster and Allen

  ____________Children's Welfare Golf

  ____________St Brendan's GAA Birmingham Dinner Dance and Prese

  ____________Kerry Asc London

  ____________Return to Camden

  ____________All Britain Club Football Championship 2014

  ____________CICA 60th Anniversary

  ____________Irish Film Festival London

  ____________Cooperation Ireland Ball

  ____________IYF Ball

  ____________Roger Casements GAA Dinner Dance Nov 2014

  ____________All Britain JCH Final 2014


  ____________London Intermediate Football Final

  ____________London Intermediate Hurling Final

  ____________London Senior Hurling Final

  ____________Quants Kylemore Golf 2014

  ____________Hibernian Society Golf

  ____________London Irish Vintage Day

  ____________Rhythm of the Dance Print

  ____________London Junior Football Final

  ____________London Senior Football Final

  ____________Spike Milligan Statue

  ____________London Irish Fans

  St Patrick's Event Pictures

  ____St Patrick's 2015

  ________Irish Embassy St Patrick's

  ________Manchester St Patrick's Parade

  ________Nottingham St Patrick's Parade

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Launch

  ________Greenwich Pensioners St Patrick's

  ________Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer St Pat's Breakfast

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Parade

  ________Sandwell Irish St Patrick's

  ________London St Patrick's Festival

  ________London St Patrick's Ball 2015

  ________IFGB St Patrick's

  ________CHAMP Reception

  ____St Patrick's 2016

  ________London St Patrick's Festival

  ________Women's Irish Network St Patrick's

  ________Ireland Fund of GB St Patrick's

  ________Nathan Carter St Pat's Birmingham

  ________Birmingham St Patriks Festival 2016

  ________Southwark Pensioners St Pat's

  ________London St Patrick's Ball 2016

  ________Irish Community Services St Pat's

  ________Birmingham St Pat's Fundraiser

  ____St Patrick's 2017

  ________Greenwich Pensioners St Patrick's

  ________Coventry St Patrick's Party

  ________Ireland Funds St Patricks

  ________The Ship St Patrick's

  ________Porterhouse St Pat's

  ________London St Patrick's Ball

  ________Manchester St Patrick's Parade

  ________Embassy St Patrick's Reception

  ________Leeds St Patrick's Parade

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Breakfast

  ________Huddersfield St Patrick's Parade

  ________Warrington St Patrick's Parade

  ________Derby St Patrick's Parade

  ________London St Patrick's Festival

  ________Birmingham St Pat's Parade Fundraiser

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Parade launch

  ________B'ham St Patricks Parade March 2017

  ________Irish Pensioners Forum

  ____St Patrick's 2018

  ________St Patrick's Troupe

  ________London St Pat's Ball

  ________Greenwich Irish Pensioners St Pat's

  ________Irish Community Serrvices

  ________Southwark Pensioners St Pat's

  ________London St Patrick's Festival

  ________Warrington St Patrick's Parade

  ________Leeds St Patricks Parade

  ________Derby St Patrick's Ball

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Parade

  ________Manchester St Patrick's Parade

  ________CHAMP St Patrick's Westminster

  ________Birmingham St Pat's Breakfast

  ________Birmingham St Patrick's Festival Launch

  First Irish Post Page Edition

  Special Events & Promotions

  ____ABCs 2017 Day 4

  ____ABCs 2017 Day 3

  ________ABCs 2017 Day 3

  ____ABCs 2017 Day 2

  ________ABCs 2017 Day 2

  ____ABCs 2017 Day 1

  ________ABCs 2017 Day 1

  ____Irish Post Awards 2016

  ________Irish Post Awards

  ____ABCs 2016 Day 4

  ________ABCs 2016 Day 4

  ________ABCs 2017 Day 4

  ____ABCs 2016 Day 3

  ________ABCs 2016 Day 3

  ____ABCs 2016 Day 2

  ________ABCs 2016 Day 2

  ____ABCs 2016 Day 1

  ________ABCs 2016 Day 1

  ____Irish Post Awards 2015

  ____ABCs 2015 Day 3

  ________ABCs 2015 Day 3

  ____ABCs 2015 Day 2

  ________ABCs 2015 Day 2

  ____ABCs 2015 Day 1

  ________ABC's 2015 Day 1

  ____Irish Post Awards 2014

  ____ABCs 2014 Day 3

  ____ABCs 2014 Day 2

  ____ABCs 2014 Day 1

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