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  first class 2022

  All Saints Prom 2021

  Woodroffe Prom

  Beaminster Prom

  GHP Colfox Year 11 Prom 20th_July 2021

  Nothe Fort Year 11 Leavers Ball

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  ________Bygone Salisbury









  ________Bygone Salisbury



  ________Sports Awards 2016


























  ________Salisbury/Forest First Class 2014




  ____________paper of 26th june 2014

  ____________paper of 5th june 2014

  ____________paper of 19th june 2014

  ____________paper of 12th june 2014


  ____________paper of 3rd july 2014

  ____________paper of 31st july 2014

  ____________paper of 24th july 2014

  ____________paper of 17th july 2014

  ____________paper of 10th july 2014

  ____________larmer tree festival 2014


  ____________paper of 13th march 2014

  ____________paper of 20th march 2014

  ____________paper of 27th march 2014

  ____________paper of 6th march 2014


  ____________paper of 9th january 2014

  ____________paper of 2nd january 2014

  ____________paper of 30th january 2014

  ____________paper of 23rd january 2014

  ____________paper of 16th january 2014


  ____________paper of 6th february 2014

  ____________paper of 27th february 2014

  ____________paper of 20th february 2014

  ____________paper of 13th february 2014

  ____________end of the road festival 2014


  ____________paper of 7th august 2014

  ____________paper of 28th august 2014

  ____________paper of 21st august 2014

  ____________paper of 14th august 2014


  ____________paper of 15th may 2014

  ____________paper of 1st may 2014

  ____________paper of 22nd may 2014

  ____________paper of 29th may 2014

  ____________paper of 8th may 2014


  ____________paper of 11th september 2014

  ____________paper of 18 september 2014

  ____________paper of 4th september 2014


  ____________paper of 3rd april 2014

  ____________paper of 24th april 2014

  ____________paper of 17th april 2014

  ____________paper of 10th april 2014



  ____________paper of 28th march 2013

  ____________paper of 7th march 2013

  ____________paper of 21st march 2013

  ____________paper of 14th march 2013


  ____________paper of 6th june 2013

  ____________paper of 27th june 2013

  ____________paper of 20th june 2013

  ____________paper of 13th june 2013


  ____________paper of 16th may 2013

  ____________paper of 23rd may 2013

  ____________paper of 2nd may 2013

  ____________paper of 30th may 2013


  ____________school proms 2013

  ____________paper of 4th july 2013

  ____________paper of 25th july 2013

  ____________paper of 18th july 2013

  ____________paper of 11th july 2013

  ____________larmer tree festival 2013


  ____________paper of 31th january 2013

  ____________paper of 17th january 2013

  ____________paper of 24th january 2013

  ____________paper of 10th january 2013

  ____________paper 3rd january 2013


  ____________paper of 14th november 2013

  ____________paper of 21st november 2013

  ____________paper of 28th november 2013

  ____________paper of 7th november 2013


  ____________paper of 7th february 2013

  ____________paper of 28th february 2013

  ____________paper of 21st february 2013

  ____________paper of 14th february 2013


  ____________school nativities 2013

  ____________paper of 5th december 2013

  ____________paper of 26th december 2013

  ____________paper of 19th december 2013

  ____________paper of 12th december 2013


  ____________first class 2013

  ____________paper of 10th october 2013

  ____________paper of 17th october 2013

  ____________paper of 24th october 2013

  ____________paper of 31st october 2013

  ____________paper of 3rd october 2013


  ____________paper of 8th august 2013

  ____________paper of 29th august 2013

  ____________paper of 22nd august 2013

  ____________paper of 1st august 2013

  ____________paper of 15th august 2013


  ____________paper of 4th april 2013

  ____________paper of 25th april 2013

  ____________paper of 11th april 2013

  ____________paper of 18th april 2013


  ____________end of the road festival 2013

  ____________paper of 12th september 2013

  ____________paper of 19th september 2013

  ____________paper of 26th september 2013

  ____________paper of 5th september 2013



  ____________paper of 1st march 2012

  ____________paper of 22nd march 2012

  ____________paper of 15th march 2012

  ____________paper of 29th march 2012

  ____________paper of 8th march 2012


  ____________paper of 7th june 2012

  ____________paper of 28th june 2012

  ____________paper of 21st june 2012

  ____________paper of 14th june 2012


  ____________paper of 5th july 2012

  ____________paper of 26th july 2012

  ____________paper of 19th july 2012

  ____________paper of 12th july 2012

  ____________larmer tree festival 2012


  ____________paper of 10th may 2012

  ____________paper of 17th may 2012

  ____________paper of 24th may 2012

  ____________paper of 31st may 2012

  ____________paper of 3rd may 2012


  ____________paper of 5th january 2012

  ____________paper of 26th january 2012

  ____________paper of 19th january 2012

  ____________paper of 12th january 2012


  ____________paper of 15th november 2012

  ____________paper of 1st november 2012

  ____________paper of 22nd november 2012

  ____________paper of 29th november 2012

  ____________paper of 8th november 2012


  ____________paper of 9th february 2012

  ____________paper of 2nd february 2012

  ____________paper of 23rd february 2012

  ____________paper of 16th february 2012


  ____________paper of 6th december 2012

  ____________paper of 20th december 2012

  ____________paper of 13th december 2012


  ____________end of the road festival 2012

  ____________first class 2012

  ____________paper of 11th october 2012

  ____________paper of 18th october 2012

  ____________paper of 25th october 2012

  ____________paper of 4th october 2012


  ____________paper of 9th august 2012

  ____________paper of 30th august 2012

  ____________paper of 2nd august 2012

  ____________paper of 23rd august 2012

  ____________paper of 16th august 2012


  ____________queens diamond jubilee visit to salisbury

  ____________paper of 5th april 2012

  ____________paper of 12th april 2012

  ____________paper of 19th april 2012


  ____________paper of 13th september 2012

  ____________paper of 20th september 2012

  ____________paper of 27th september 2012

  ____________paper of 6th september 2012

  ____________wilton classic and supercar event 2012



  ____________paper of 3rd march 2011

  ____________paper of 31st march 2011

  ____________paper of 24th march 2011

  ____________paper of 17th march 2011

  ____________paper of 10th march 2011


  ____________paper of 12th may 2011

  ____________paper of 19th may 2011

  ____________paper of 26th may 2011

  ____________paper of 5th may 2011


  ____________paper of 9th june 2011

  ____________paper of 30th june 2011

  ____________paper of 2nd june 2011

  ____________paper of 23rd june 2011

  ____________paper of 16th june 2011

  ____________caught in the act-38 years of festival pictures


  ____________paper of 10th november 2011

  ____________paper of 17th november 2011

  ____________paper of 24th november 2011

  ____________paper of 3rd november 2011


  ____________paper of 7th july 2011

  ____________paper of 28th july 2011

  ____________paper of 21st july 2011

  ____________paper of 14th july 2011


  ____________paper of 6th january 2011

  ____________paper of 27th january 2011

  ____________paper of 20th january 2011

  ____________paper of 13th january 2011


  ____________paper of 3rd february 2011

  ____________paper of 24th february 2011

  ____________paper of 17th february 2011

  ____________paper of 10th february 2011


  ____________end of the road festival 2011

  ____________paper of 13th october 2011

  ____________paper of 20th october 2011

  ____________paper of 27th october 2011

  ____________paper of 6th october 2011


  ____________paper of 8th december 2011

  ____________paper of 1st december 2011

  ____________paper of 15th december 2011


  ____________paper of 4th august 2011

  ____________paper of 25th august 2011

  ____________paper of 18th august 2011

  ____________paper of 11th august 2011


  ____________paper of 15th september 2011

  ____________paper of 1st september 2011

  ____________paper of 22nd september 2011

  ____________paper of 29th september 2011

  ____________paper of 8th september 2011


  ____________paper of 7th april 2011

  ____________paper of 21st april 2011

  ____________paper of 14th april 2011

  ________first class 2011



  ____________paper of 3rd june 2010

  ____________paper of 24th june 2010

  ____________paper of 17th june 2010

  ____________paper of 10th june 2010


  ____________paper of 11th march 2010

  ____________paper of 18th march 2010

  ____________paper of 25th march 2010

  ____________paper of 4th march 2010


  ____________paper of 13th may 2010

  ____________paper of 20th may 2010

  ____________paper of 27th may 2010

  ____________paper of 6th may 2010


  ____________paper of 7th january 2010


  ____________paper of 8th july 2010

  ____________paper of 29th july 2010

  ____________paper of 22nd july 2010

  ____________paper of 1st july 2010

  ____________paper of 15th july 2010


  ____________paper of 25th february 2010


  ____________paper of 11th november 2010

  ____________paper of 18th november 2010

  ____________paper of 25th november 2010

  ____________paper of 4th november 2010


  ____________paper of 9th december 2010

  ____________paper of 2nd december 2010

  ____________paper of 23rd december 2010

  ____________paper of 16th december 2010


  ____________paper of 14th october 2010

  ____________paper of 21st october 2010

  ____________paper of 28th october 2010

  ____________paper of 7th october 2010


  ____________paper of 4th august 2010

  ____________paper of 26th august 2010

  ____________paper of 19th august 2010

  ____________paper of 12th august 2010


  ____________paper of 16th september 2010

  ____________paper of 23rd september 2010

  ____________paper of 2nd september 2010

  ____________paper of 30th september 2010

  ____________paper of 9th september 2010


  ____________paper of april 15th 2010

  ____________paper of 8th april 2010

  ____________paper of 29th april 2010

  ____________paper of 22nd april 2010

  ____________paper of 1st april 2010

  ____Budmouth College Year 11 prom

  ____The Studio Prom

  ____Beaminster Prom

  ____Atlantic Academy Prom

  ____Thomas Hardy Year 11 Prom

  ____Westfield Prom

  ____Wey Valley Prom

  ____Colfox Prom

  ____Budmouth Year 13 Prom

  ____All Saints Prom


  ________All Saints Prom 2017



  ________Weymouth Half Marathon 2015

  ________Colfox Prom 2015

  ________Westfield Arts College Prom

  ________Budmouth College Year 11 Prom 2015

  ________Beaminster and Colfox 6th form Prom

  ________Dorset County Show 2015


  ________Challenge Weymouth 2014

  ________First Class 2014

  ________NATIVITIES 2014

  ________New Years Eve 2014

  ________Village of the Year

  ________Bridport Hat Festival

  ________Dorset County Show 2014

  ________First Class 2014

  ________Westfield Prom

  ________All Saints Prom 2014

  ________Colfox Year 11 Prom

  ________Race for Life 2014

  ________Colfox and Beaminster 6th Form Prom 2014

  ________Dorchester Carnival 2014

  ________Armed Forces Week

  ________Woodroffe Year 11 Prom 2014

  ________Woodroffe Year 13 prom 2014

  ________Wey Valley Prom 2014

  ________School Sports Days 2014

  ________Beaminster Year 11 Prom 2014

  ________Thomas Hardye Year 11 Prom 2014

  ________Budmouth Prom 2014

  ________Thomas Hardye Year 13 Leavers Ball 2014

  ________IPACA Prom 2014

  ________Camp Bestival 2014

  ________Lyme Regis Carnival 2014

  ________A Level results 2014

  ________Bridport Carnival 2014

  ________Buckham Fair 2014

  ________Weymouth Carnival 2014

  ________GCSE Results - 2014

  ________MELPLASH SHOW 2014


  ________Dorchester Carnival

  ________River Cottage

  ________School Plays

  ________All Saints Prom 2013

  ________Prince charles visits poundbury

  ________Colfox Prom 2013

  ________Race for Life 2013

  ________Beaminster and Colfox Summer Ball

  ________Colfox and Beaminster 6th Form Summer Ball 2013

  ________School Sports Days 2013

  ________Westfield Prom 2013

  ________Veterans Parade 2013

  ________Wey Valley Prom 2013

  ________Royal Manor School Prom 2013

  ________Beaminster prom 2013

  ________Royal Manor Prom 2013

  ________Thomas Hardye Year 13 Leavers Ball

  ________Budmouth prom 2013

  ________Thomas Hardye yr 11 prom

  ________Woodroffe year 13 prom 2013

  ________Woodroffe year 11 prom 2013

  ________Camp Bestival 2013

  ________GCSE Results 2013

  ________A Level results 2013

  ________Bridport Carnival 2013

  ________WEYMOUTH CARNIVAL 2013

  ________Melplash Show 2013

  ________Great Dorset Steam Fair 2013

  ________Dorset County Show

  ________First Class 2013

  ________Nativities 2013

  ________New Years Eve 2013


  ________Beaminster and Colfox 6th form Prom

  ________Queen Diamond Jubilee

  ________Leavers Pics

  ________last class

  ________Schools Torch Relay

  ________all saints prom

  ________Big Night Out

  ________Class Action

  ________Schools Sports Day

  ________Dorchester Carnival

  ________Puddletown Carnival

  ________Weymouth Carnival

  ________Bridport Carnival

  ________Dorset County Show

  ________First Class

  ________Class Action

  ________Sports Relief

  ________School plays


  ________Colfox Prom 2012

  ________Sport relief 2012

  ________Race For Life 2012

  ________Beaminster Prom 2012

  ________School Sports Days 2012

  ________Woodroffe School Prom 2012

  ________Royal Manor prom 2012

  ________Wey Valley prom 2012

  ________Thomas Hardye Proms 2012

  ________WEYMOUTH CARNIVAL 2012

  ________Budmouth Prom 2012

  ________Bridport Carnival 2012

  ________Nativites 2012

  ________Dorset County Show 2012

  ________New Year Eve 2012

  ________New Years Eve Revellers

  ________Long service awards Dorch prison

  ________Buddens Scout Camp

  ________School Sports Days

  ________Dorchester Carnival

  ________Armed Forces Week

  ________New Year's Eve

  ________New Years Eve Revellers

  ________Last Class

  ________Woodroffe School prom

  ________Marie Curie Tea Parties

  ________All Saints Prom

  ________School Awards

  ________Colfox prom


  ________ColfoxBeaminster 6th Form Prom

  ________Bridport Carnival

  ________Westfield Prom

  ________Melplash Show

  ________School Proms

  ____________Westfield College Ball

  ____________Beaminster School

  ____________Budmouth School

  ____________Wey Valley School

  ____________Royal Manor School

  ____________Sir John Colfox School

  ____________Woodroffe Sixth Form

  ____________Woodroffe School

  ____________All Saints School

  ____________Colfox and Beaminster School

  ________Dorset County Show

  ________FIRST CLASS


  ________Weymouth Lifeboat Week

  ________Nativities 2011

  ________Royal Manor Prom 2011

  ________Beaminster Prom 2011

  ________Wey Valley Prom 2011

  ________Budmouth Prom 2011

  ________Royal Wedding

  ________Race for Life 2011


  ________Bridport Charter Fair

  ________Snow 2010

  ________Nativity and Christmas plays

  ____________Nativity 2010

  ____________Nativity Archive

  ________School plays

  ________Dorchester Christmas Cracker

  ________Scouts and Guides etc

  Dorset at War

  Dorset Magic

  Memory Lane

  ____Weldmar Ball

  ____New Years Eve Celebrations

  ____Class Action

  ____Big Night Out

  ____TA Reunion at Exeter

  Previously Sold

  Aerial Views - Eye in the sky

  Picture Archive

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